Ancestor Location Map (For Some of My Ancestors) and Master Index of My Direct Ancestral Surnames

Nearly all my ancestors came from within the area shown in the map below - although it does not quite stretch far enough east to reach the Melrose / Kelso area from where the Haigs and Turnbulls originated. It is actually taken from a map produced around 1830 - because it shows Scotland as it was around the time many of my ancestors discussed in this website lived. I have generally concentrated on the areas they came from originally, rather than where they moved to in more recent years, or where they later bought properties. Click on the names on the map to go to the relevant parts of the ancestral charts. A fuller list of ancestral names is below the map.


The following list is of all my ancestral surnames in this site, actual or likely / possible (given in italics). There are many other surnames on this site, but this index covers only those who are direct ancestors of mine. You can use the Search facility in order to find other names e.g. ancestor-sibling spouses, please use the Search facility near the top of the screen. If you dont succeed try some variants of the name. There is a good article on Scottish name variants at the Scotlands People website, and see the ScotsFind Surname List.

The following list is of all my ancestral surnames in this site, actual or likely / possible (given in italics). There are many other surnames on this site, but this index covers only those who are direct ancestors of mine. You can use the Search facility in order to find other names e.g. ancestor-sibling spouses, please use the Search facility near the top of the screen. If you dont succeed try some variants of the name. There is a good article on Scottish name variants at the Scotlands People website, and see the ScotsFind Surname List to whom I am grateful for permission to extract the relevant variants shown below. I was quite astonished at the range of variants for many of the surnames, but I suppose that we have to take into account the Scots dialect and regional variations thereof, old English, Norse, Norman French, Gaelic (Gaidhlig), and ancient Welsh. (The latter was the orginal language of most of the inhabitants of the lowlands and the Southern Uplands of what we now call "Scotland" prior to the gradual political and military takeovers by the Scots and Angles from around 600 AD onwards, and which would have continued to be widely spoken and influential for many centuries afterwards.) Standardisation of spelling of names is very recent, historically speaking.

Most Recent Instance Other Variants Found Other Possible Variants Notes
Aitcheson Aitchison Acheson Achenson Achesone Achesoun Achesune Achieson Achiesoun Achinsoun Achisone Achisoune Ackynson Aczin Aczinson Ade Aichensoun Aicheson Aichesone Aitcheson Aitchesone Aitchision Aitchesoun Aitchesoune Aitchysoune Aschesone Atchesone Atchisone Aichison Aticione Atkinson Atkynson Atkynsoun Attkinsone Atyesoun Atzensone Atzeson Echesone Eticione Etzesone Means son of Adam
Broun Brown Abriuin Abroun Bhriuthainn Braun Bron Brouin Broune Brun Brune Bruun Brwne M'abrioune
Buchanan Balquhannan Balquhannen Bochannane Bougheannan Boquhannan Boquhennan Boquhennane Bowhanan Bowhannan Buchkan Buchquannan Buchquhannan Buchquhannane Buchunnuch Bucquannane Bucquhannane Buhannane Buquhannan Buquhannane Macabsolon Macauslan
Cuthel Cuthell Cuthill Cutthel
Dick Dic Dik Dyk apparently a sept of the Clan Keith
Haig Hage Haghe
Hamilton Hameldone Hameldun Hameldone Hameldon Hemildon Hammeltoune Hammyltoun Hammyltoune Hamulthone Hamyltone Hamyltoune Hommyltoun Amiltoun
Howison Howieson Howyson Howisone Hoveson Houissoune Houison Houston Howeson Howesoune Howiesoune Howysoun Huisone apparently a sept of the Clan MacDonald
Johnstone Johnston Jhonstoun Jhonestowne Johanstoun Johnestoun Johnestoune Johngston Johnnesone Johnnestoune Johnnstoun Johnson Johnstone Johnstounne Joneston Jonestone Jonhesone Jonhstone Joniston Jonistoun Jonistoune Jonistune Jonson Jonston Jonstoun Jonystoun
(Lang side)
Canedie Kanide Kanydi Kenadie Kenate Kendy Kendye Keneby Kenedi Kenedy Keneidy Kenide Kennadee Kennatie Kennaty Kennedye Kennerty Kennetie Kennety Kennetye KennideKennite Kennyde Kennydy Kenyde Kinnerty Kinydy Kyneidy Kynidy Macenedy Mackenede Mackenedi Mackenedy Mackennedy Mckenedy
(Stewart side)
see above
(Wyld side)
see above
Lamont Lamond Lammond Lamont Macerchar Laweman Ladhmunn Laumannus Lauman Maklaweman Lagman Lawemund Laumansone Laumanni Lawmwnd Lawmond Ladmann Lagmane Lamand Lamann Lamentht Lamount Lawmonth Lawmonthe Lawmound Lemmon Lemmont Limond Limont
Lang Laing Lang Langa Leng Lange
Linton Lintun Lynton Lyntoun Lintoune Lyntoune
MacKellar McKellar Mackellar Mackeller Macellar Maceller Mac-Ealair Mckellar M’callar Makalere Makelar M’kalar Mccallar Makcaller M’caller M’keller Makkellar Vckellart M’eller Macellere Mckellor Mcellar Mcalar Mcallar Macceller Mckelar Mckellayr Mackillor
Maclachlan Maclachlane, Mclachlan, McLoughlin Maclauchlan Maclauchlane Maclauchlin Maclauchan Maclachlinn Mac-Lochlainn Louchlani Lochlane Maclachlane V’clauchtlan M’clachlane M’claichlane M’clauchlane Mcclauchlan Makclachlane M’clachlene Makclauchlane Mclauchlane M’lauchan Mclauchleine Macklawchlane Maklawchlane M’lawchlane M’lauchland M’laughland Mclawhlan Maclouchlan MacLoughlin Vclauchlayne Mcclauchlin Mcglauchlin Mclaughlane Mclauchlen Machlachlin Maclachlan Makclotan Makclowden Maclachie M’lachie Family thought to have originated from Ireland so Irish spelling more likely for further back
Macrae McRae Macray Mackray Macrath Macgrath Macraith Macraht Macrad Makrath Makerathe Mcray Macra M’ra Mccra Mcraw M’raw M’rau Mackcra Mackra Mackcrae Mccray Mckra Makraa Macraw Maccrae Maccrea Maccree Maccrie Macrie Makcrie Makreith Makcra Mccrie Mckrie Mckree Mcra Mckra Mccraie Mccrea Mccree Mckrae Mckrie Mcrae Maccraith Maccreath M’creich Makmekrathe Mcrethe Makcreith Mccraith M’krayth M’kraith M’craithe M’raith Macreth Mccreiff Mccreith Maccrow Mackcrow
McAuslane Macauslan Macausland Macauselan Macauslin Maccaslane Maccausland Macaslan Macasland Maccasland Macaslin Maccasline Absalon Absalone Macabsalon Mccaslane Mcaslen Mccaslen Mccausland Makaslane N’chastyllan
McConechy McConachy McConechy MacConachy Macconachie Macconachy Macconaghy Macconchie Macconchy Macconechie Macconechy Macconkey Macconachie Macconnechie Macconnochie Macconochie Macconoughey Mackonochie Maconachie Maconechy Maconochie Macdhonnchaidh M’conchie Mcconzochquhy Machonzie Makchonze Mcchonzie Mcandoche Mcconche Makconoquhy M’condoquhy M’conquhy M’conquy Mcconiquhy M’conquhie Makconquhye M’conachyw Makcongwe Mcandochie Mcconoquhy M’conche M’conechie M’ondoquhy M’ondochie M’ronache M’cronachie Mcconchei M’onochie M’onohie Mchonichy Mckhonachy Mcchonachy Mckihonochy Mckihonchy Mcconchie M’conachie Mconachy M’condachie M’condachy M’condochie M’condoquhy M’conchrie M’conquhie Makconoch Mackchonchie Mckondachy Makchonachy M’kunuchie Macconochey Makconchie Makconqwe M’onoghuy Vconchie Mcconnchye Maccondochie M’condoquhymacquhondoquhy Vconche Mcdonche Donachie Donaghy Donnachie Dunnachie
McCorkle MacCorkle MacCorkill MacCorkie MacCorkle Macthorcuil M’Koryll Kerkyll M’Corker McCorquell Mcorkill M’Thurkill M’Kurkull
McFarlane MacFarlane Macfarlan Macfarland Macfarlin Macparlan Macparland Macparlane Macparlin Macpharlain Macphallain Macpharlain Mcpharlane Makfarlane M’farlane Makfarland Makferlande M’farlen Mcfarling M’farling Makferlan Mckfarlen Mcferlane Macpharhelin Macilriach Macgillreick Macilbrick Macgillereacht
McKechany McKechan McKechney McKechaney McKeachan McCechan MacKechany MacKechan MacKechney MacKechaney MacKeachan MacCechan
McLelland Maclelland Macclellan Maccleland Macleland Maclalland Maclellan Maclelland M'lelane M'lolane Mcgillolane Mclolane Maclelan Mclolan Maklolayn M'gillelan Maklellane Mclalan M'lelann Mclellan M'illewlane M'ilelan M'illeland M'ileolan M'cleallane Mccleilane Mcclelan Maclelane Maghellen Maklellan Mcklellan M'lelen M'lellane Makellane
McNeil Mcneill Macneil Macneill Macneille Macneal Macneale Macneall Macneel Macniel Macreill Mcneill M’nele Makneyll Njal Neilson Mcnaill Mcneall Mcneel Makneill Mcneyll M’nele Makneyll Maknill
Menzies Meyners Munnies Manners Manuvers Meyneiss Meynness Mesneres Miners Meygners Meigners Meineris Neyneris Meinzeis Maynhers Menzhers Meygnes Meignes Meyner Meinnearach Meinn Mein Meine Mainzeis Megnies Meignees Meigneis Meignes Meignez Meingnes Meingzes Meingzeis Meinyeis Meinzeis Meinzies Mengues Mengyeis Mengzeis Mengzes Mengzies Mennes Menyas Menyeis Meinyies Menyheis Menyhes Menzas Menzes Menzeis Meinzeys Menzheis Menzis Moygne
Moncrieff Moncreiff Moncrief Moncreiff Moncreiffe Moncrieff Moncreif Monncrefe Moncref Mouncref Moncrefe Monchryf Muncreiff Muncreiffe Moncrefe Moncreife Moncriefe Moncrife Moncrif Monkreff Monkreth Munkrethe Montcreffe Mouncref Muncrefe Muncreff Muncreif Muncreyfe Muncrif Muncrife Moncrief Montcrief Montcrif Muncrefe
Muir - 1 Muir Mure Moor Moore More Lemor Mor Moire Mvr Mur Myrre Moare Muyr Mwyr Mwir Mwr Mwre Myhr
Muir - 2 as above
Munn Munn Macmunn Mwn Mhunna
Munro Mown Munro Munroe Monro Monroe Manro Monroo Munroy
Nisbitt Nisbet Nisbett Nisbit Naisbit Nesbit Nesbitt Nisbet Nechisbet Neisbayt Neisbit Neisbitt Nesbeit Nesbet Nesbeth Nesbit Nesbut Nesbuth Nesbyt Nesbyte Nesbyth Nesebeht Nesebite Nesebith Nesebyte Nesdret Nezebet Nezebeth Nisbert Nisbett Nisbite Nizbet Nysbet Nysbit Nyzbet
Robertson (Lang side) Robertson Roberti Robertsone Robertsoune Robison Robeson Robson Robieson Robiesone Robertsonn Robertsonne Robsone Robersone Roberson Robertstone Robartson Robtson
Robertson (Stewart side) see above
Stewart Steuart Stuart Steward Styward Stywarde Stiward Steuarde Steuart Steuarte Stevarde Stevarte Stiuard Stuard Stuarde Stuerd Stuward Stiubhard Stwyarde
Stirling Striuelin Striveling Stervlen Striuelyn Strevelyn Striuelyng Streuillyn Strivelyn Strivelin Sterveling Strivylyng
Stodart Stoddart Stoddard Stodart Stodhard Stothart Stothert Stodhirde Studehird Studhirde Stodert Stodhird
Stuart see Stewart
Thomson Thome Tomson Thomsoun Thomsone Tomsone Thomeson Thomasson Thomesoune Thompesoune Thomsoune Tomsoun
Turnbull Turnebull Turnbul Trumell Trummell Turnebule Trumble Tornebole Tornebule Tournebulle Turnbule Trubul Trimbill Trimble Trombel Trumbul Turnbol Trumbil Durnbule Trimbulle Trombill Tromboul Troumbull Trumbell Trumbill Trumbyll Trumpbill Trymbille Turmbill Turnbill Turnble Turnebile Turneble Turnebule Turnebulle Turnbul
Whettall Whittall Whittill Whittle Whittal Whettal Whittil
Williamson Wilelmi Willameson Willelmi Willyamsone Willeam Devillencon Viellencon D’oillencon Villelmi Vilzemsone Williamsone Willeamsoun Wilyamson Wilyemsoun Wilzaimson Wilzamesoun Wilzamson Wilzeamsone Wilzongson Wyllyamson Wylzemson
Wilson Wilson Wilsone Willson Wulson Wilsoun Wolsoun Vilsone Vilsoun Willsoun Villsone Vylsone Willesoun Wilsoine Wilsowne Wilsoune Wulsone Wylson Wylsoune Willsone Wolson Wyleson
Wyld Wylde Wild Wilde Weild Wylit
Young Juvenis Yhong Yhonge Yhung Yhunge Yong Yonge Yowng Yunge Ywng Zeung Zhong Zong Zonge Zoonge Zoung Zowng Zung





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