The Broun / Brown - Wyld Ancestral Chart for Claud Brown and Marion Janet Wyld

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The following chart starts (from the right column working left) with the parents of Claud Brown (John Wyld Brown and Mary Mackellar), and with the parents of his wife, Marion Janet Wyld (George Wyld and Mary Emily Kennedy). N.B. Claud Brown and Marion Janet Wyld were second cousins, both descended from John Wyld and Mary Aitcheson; this is why they are grouped together in the one chart as they have common ancestry.


Here is a list of the surnames that appear on this chart. Some appear with numerous variants. These are shown on the chart where the variants appear in the records for an individual. Often the name will be spelt differently on birth and marriage certificates, and on the certificates for the individual's children. Standardisation of surname spelling is relatively recent.

N.B. The following list is of my ancestral surnames in this chart. There are many other surnames on this chart, but this index covers only those who I am fairly certain are direct ancestors of mine. You can also use the Search facility in order to find other names. Please bear in mind the many possible spellings of any given name.

Aitcheson, Barrouman, Broun / Brown, Cuthel / Cuthill, Dick, Hadfield, Haig, Horsman, Kennedy, Mackellar, Munn, Nisbitt, Stodart, Turnbull, Whettall, Wyld.

* These names appear as forenames only but almost certainly are ancestral. Those shown in small italicised font are possible matches, based usually on IGI / LDS records. The original data came from my grandfather's writings, and I do not know where or how he obtained all his information, although I think most of it was passed down within the family and was not drawn from researching registers. I have used his data and subsequently tried to fill in the gaps via IGI / LDS records and searches within the Scottish Registers, plus extra information supplied to me via relatives. I would also add that I have not always been as careful as I should have been in distinguishing births from christenings. There may be some inaccuracies here.

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LEGEND:    b: born (or christened if not sure);   c: christened;   m: married;   d: died   ---   In bold font: direct ancestors   ---   In normal font: siblings of direct ancestors and their marriages   ---   In smaller font (bold if direct ancestors): alternative surname spellings   ---   In very small font: second or other marriage; m1 for first and m2 for second marriage   ---   In small italics: uncertainty (bold if direct ancestors)
Great Great grandparents of Claud Brown or, further down the chart, Marion Janet Wyld, and the brothers and sisters of these great great grandparents. Great grandparents of Claud Brown or, further down the chart, Marion Janet Wyld, and the brothers and sisters of these great grandparents.

Grandparents of Claud Brown or, further down the chart, Marion Janet Wyld, and the brothers and sisters of these grandparents
Parents of Claud Brown or, further down the chart, Marion Janet Wyld, and the brothers and sisters of these parents
  John Mackellar or William Mackellar    
  m Duncan Mackellar of Glendaruel
b 23 Jan 1789 or 20 May 1786 Kilmodan
Alive in 1851
      Robert Mackellar
b 30 Jun 1815 Greenock Old or West  More >
  Mary Mackellar or Elizabeth Jamieson   Duncan Mackellar
b 5 Dec 1820 Greenock Old or West  More >
      Duncan Mackellar
b 1 Nov 1824 Leith North  More >
      Elizabeth Mackellar
b 10 Apr 1827 Greenock Old or West  More >
      Margaret J. (Jamieson?) Mackellar
b 12 Apr 1831
c 03 Jan 1832, Strathalan, St Vincent District, New South Wales, Australia  More >
    m 8 Jul 1814 Greenock New or Middle Mary Mackellar
b 27 Oct 1816 Greenock Old or West
d 1879
  Robert Dick of Oatlands, Glasgow    
  m 26 Jan 1793 Greenock Old or West Margaret Dick
b 31 Jan 1794 Glasgow
Alive in 1841
    Cathrine Dick
b 17 Mar 1800 Glasgow
m 9 April 1829 Capt. Lachlan McKinnon, Sydney
    Elisabeth Dick
b 22 May 1803 Glasgow
    Isabella Dick
b 09 May 1804 Glasgow
m 28 April 1829 Charles McLachlan, Sydney
d 7 Dec 1882 Brighton
    John Dick
b 06 Mar 1806 Glasgow
  Elizabeth Munn    
      m (proclamation) 10 Aug 1840, St Cuthberts or St Bernards, Edinburgh
children >
  James Brown
b unknown
d between 1779 and 1813
    John Brown
b 10 Jan 1768 Linlithgow
c 17 Jan 1768 Linlithgow
    Jean Brown
b or c 25 Jan 1772 Linlithgow
    William Brown
b 01 Feb 1774 Linlithgow
c 06 Feb 1774 Linlithgow
    Thomas Brown
b or c 26 Jan 1780 Linlithgow
  m 04 Sep 1764 Edinburgh ("irregularly") Robert Brown
b 15 Mar 1770 Linlithgow
c 18 Mar 1770 Linlithgow
d 17 Apr 1840 Edinburgh
  Jean Cuthel / Cuthill
b 1733 / 1734
d 28 Apr 1834
    m 12 Mar 1799 Glasgow, Banns possibly 02 Mar 1799 Edinburgh
m2 Margaret Campbell, 29 May 1832 Barony, Lanarkshire, Banns 28 May 1832 St Cuthbert's, Edinburgh
John Wyld Brown
b 22 Nov 1808 Loanhead, Glasgow
d 7 Jan 1879, 11 Gloucester Square, Kensington, London
      Robert Brown
b 18 Nov 1803 Glasgow
may have died relatively young  More >
      Mary Brown
b 20 Oct 1804 Glasgow
(oldest of the family according to Robert Stodart Wyld)  More >
      Jean / Jane Brown
b 02 Dec 1805 Glasgow
m Rev William Buchan of Hamilton, 10 Apr 1832 Saint Cuthberts, Edinburgh. (Banns 01 Apr 1832 Hamilton)  More >
      James Brown
b probably circa 1807 Glasgow
(oldest living son as of April 1840)  More >
      Thomas Brown
b 05 Dec 1810 Glasgow
m Henrietta (Hetty)
TB was alive in 1889 Hyde Park Place, London  More >
John Wyld     William Brown
b 10 Dec 1815 Glasgow
m 1847 Charlotte Isabella Atherton, Chippenham, Wiltshire
had 2 sons & 5 daughters
d 1871 London  More >
Adam Wyld    
Thomas Wyld
b 1715
d 1780
  James Wyld
b 1744
m 04 Jul 1735 Dunsyre Lanarkshire
< Wylds further back
John Wyld of Biggar & Penicuik
b 1733 / 34 / 35 / 36
d 1787 - 1799
Isobel Barrouman   Isabella / Isobel Wyld
b 28 Sep 1780
c 18 Oct 1780 Penicuik
d 1823 Glasgow
    Thomas Wyld
b 1772 Penicuik
c 10 Sep 1772 Penicuik
m Mary Mutter of Dalkeith 10 Aug 1799
d in Holland
    John Wyld
b 1775 Penicuik
c 12 Jun 1775 Penicuik
m Marion Black of Biggar 19 May 1797
d circa 1823
    Janet Wyld
b 1778 Penicuik
c 31 Jul 1778 Penicuik
d young
    George Wyld
b 1783 Penicuik
c 17 Jun 1783 Penicuik
d in West Indies
    William Wyld
b 1785 Penicuik
c 24 May 1785 Penicuik
m Elizabeth Dudgeon 15 Jul 1820 Kirkliston, West Lothian; (Banns?) 10 Jul 1820 St Cuthberts Edinburgh
    Alexander Wyld
b 1787 Penicuik
c 11 Dec 1787 Penicuik
d young
  m 1771 or 1772
Banns Dec 1771 Penicuik
Banns Aug / Sep 1771 Lasswade
James Wyld of Gilston
b 1776 Penicuik
c 07 May 1776 Penicuik
d 08 May 1860 Gilston, Fife
      Isabella Wyld
b 1804 
      James Wyld
b 1806
      Robert Stodart Wyld
b 1808
m1 Isobella Georgina Maxwell
m2 Margaret Gibson Cassels
d 17 Apr 1891
John Aitchison     John Wyld
b 1810
d 26 Feb 1818
m 18 Aug 1746 Lasswade, Midlothian Marion / Mary Aitchison / Aitcheson of Loanhead
b 09 Sep 1751 Lasswade
d 17 Sep 1800 Canongate, Edinburgh
  Marion Wyld
b 1811
m Rev. James Lewis
d 14 Dec 1896
Janet Manylaws / Monielaws Mary Aitchison
b 24 Sep 1747 Lasswade, Midlothian
d. prob young
  James Charles Wyld
b 1813
m Dorothea Morson
d 11 Jul 1892
  George Aitchison
b 27 Nov 1749 Lasswade, Midlothian

Elizabeth Aitchison
b 07 Oct 1760 Lasswade, Midlothian
  Henry Wyld
b 1815
m1 16 Jul 1859, Susan Constance Kennedy, Surbiton, Surrey
m2 Louise Kennedy, 1865, Callander (June according to RSW, October according to Tanya Trayner)
Mary Stodart
b 24 Jun 1695 Loanhead or Lasswade, Midlothian
c 30 Jun 1695, Lasswade
m 5 Nov 1714 John Monielaws, Lasswade
    William Wyld
b 1817
m1 Jane Kennedy
m2 Louisa Purdon
Christian Stodart
b 17 Jan 1698 Loanhead
c 23 Jan 1698 Lasswade
m 12 Aug 1722 James Galloway, Fala Soutra, Midlothian
    Eliza Wyld
b 1819
Anna Stodart
b 26 Jan 1701 Lasswade
    Augusta Georgina Wyld
b 1822
Patrick Stodart
b 16 May 1705 Loanhead
c May 1705 Lasswade
    Edward Wyld
b 1824
m Ellen Elizabeth Muller
Elizabeth Stodart
b 1709 Loanhead
c 6 Mar 1709 Lasswade
m 28 Jul 1727 James Potter, Lasswade
    Charlotte Wyld
b 1826
Nichola (?) Stodart
b 1710 Lasswade
c 6 Jan 1711
m 5 Dec 1731 John Borthwick, Lasswade
    Benjamin Wyld
b 1827
m Anne Linsay
John Stodart
b 1715 Loanhead or Lasswade
    Janet Wyld
b 1831
m Harry Scott (if "Janet" is aka "Jessie")
Robert Stodart
b 1717 Loanhead
c 1 Sep 1717 Lasswade
  m 16 Aug 1803 George Wyld
b 17 Mar 1821 Gilston, Fife
d 1906 Tonbridge
James Stodart / Stoddart
b 30 Mar 1703 Dalkeith
d ? Walston
  Adam Haig Stodart
b 28 Oct 1729 Lasswade Midlothian
m Agnes Wilkie 21 Jun 1752 Edinburgh
d 1780 Covington Hillhead Lanark
  George Walston Stodart
b 25 Jan 1731 Lasswade Midlothian
m Jean Tweedie 1769
  James Stodart
b 15 Jan 1733 Lasswade Midlothian
m Janet
d 1815
  John Stodart
b 1735 Carnwath Lanarkshire
m1 Marion Helen Lind 31 Dec 1756
m2 Mary Smith 18 Dec 1770
d 2 Apr 1816
  Agnes Stodart
b 25 Jan 1737 Lasswade Midlothian
  William Stodart
b 30 Oct 1740 Lasswade Midlothian
m Christian Naismith 8 Jan 1782 Dalziel Lanarkshire
d Hamilton
  Elizabeth Stodart
b 22 Apr 1743 Lasswade Midlothian
  David Stodart
b 1745 Lasswade, Midlothian
m1 Mary Tweedie 5 Dec 1771 Dunsyre Lanarkshire
m2 Elizabeth Bradfute
m 20 Dec 1728 Loanhead
< Stodarts and Haigs further back
Robert Stodart of Kailzie
b 19 Jul 1748 Walston
d 7 Mar 1831
  m 7 Jan 1783
St Martin in the Fields, London
Marion Stodart
b 1783 London
d 24 Dec 1860
    Charles Stodart
b 1784
    Robert Stodart
b 1786 (1774 ??)
d 1837
    Eliza Stodart
b circa 1786
Marion Haig of Bemersyde
b 1706 Townhead
  James Stodart
b 1788
    Augusta Stodart
b circa 1788
    George Stodart
b 1789 Ormiston, East Lothian
m Janet Stodart
    Benjamin Stodart
b circa 1790
James Turnbull of Roxburgh   John Riddle Stodart
b 1792 Edinburgh (1782 ?)
m Jemmima Henrietta Brown
    Jessie Stodart
b ?
  Alison Turnbull
b circa 1760 London
d 25 Jul 1833 Edinburgh
      m Aug 26 1852, Unitarian Chapel, Little Portland Street, Marylebone, London
children >
John Kennedy of Ayrshire
b 1694 Ayrshire
d 1730 London
  Alice Kennedy
c 12 Nov 1727
m 10 Dec 1751 Thomas Malleson at St Stephen Walbrook & St Benet Sherehog, City of London
m 17 Feb 1724 or 1725, Allhallows, London Wall John Kennedy
b 20 Jun 1729
c 06 Jul 1729 Lothbury Scots Church, London
d 1800
Alice Horsman
b circa 1703
d 1766 ?
m2 Peter Rae, 15 Jun 1732, Allhallows, London Wall
  John Kennedy  
    Susanna Kennedy
b 28 Nov 1772, Clements Lane, Eastcheap, London
    Henrietta Kennedy
b 16 Mar 1775, Clements Lane, Eastcheap, London
    Amelia Kennedy
b 02 Jun 1776, St Peter, London
m 06 Sep 1802 James Esdaile (first cousin)
d 1854
    (Lieutenant-General) James Kennedy
b 24 Jul 1778, St Peter, London
m 26 Apr 1804, Anna Don
d 26 Sep 1859, Benares
    Marianne Kennedy
b 19 Jul 1779, St Mary, Islington, London
    Quintilia Kennedy
b 23 Sep 1780, St Mary, Islington, London
d 1849, Brighton
John Hadfield
b 04 Nov 1708 Manchester
d 1775
  Edward Kennedy
b 30 Sep 1789, St Mary, Islington, London
  m 27 Feb 1770 Manchester Benjamin Kennedy
b 04 Feb 1784, St Mary, Islington, London
d 1868 Kensington, London
m 23 Oct 1730 Manchester if wife is Alice Ward Anne Hadfield
b 03 Jan 1747 Manchester
d 1827
  Lucy Hadfield    
  Susannah Hadfield
b 05 Apr 1752
m 28 Feb 1775 James Esdaile
d d 25 Nov 1818
Alice Ward or Mary Hadfield or Susanna Bimley   m 23 Mar 1811 St Lukes, Old Street, London Mary Emily Kennedy
b 30 Jun 1829 Dr. Williams Library, London
d 1917 Tonbridge
      Anna Sophia Kennedy
b 01 Mar 1813, St John, Hackney, London
m Edward Esdaile
      Benjamin Edward Kennedy
b 14 Jan 1815, London
      Ellen Kennedy
22 Feb 1817, St John, Hackney, London
      Albert Kennedy
b 12 Aug 1818, London
d 5 Jan 1872, Swellendam
      Sydney Kennedy
b 02 Sep 1824 Dr. Williams Library, London
m Adelaide Helen Ullathorne, circa 1851
d circa 1892, Paddington, London
      Susan Constance Kennedy
b 20 Mar 1828 Dr. Williams Library, London
m 16 Jul 1859 Henry Wyld, Surbiton, Surrey
d 1865 Callander, Stirlingshire
      Althea Frances Kennedy
b 03 Sep 1826 Dr. Williams Library, London
      Helena / Eleanor Kennedy
b circa 1827 Clapton, Middlesex
      Louise Kennedy
b 02 Jan 1831 Dr. Williams Library, London
m Henry Wyld 1867, Callander, Stirlingshire
d circa 1889, Tonbridge
Samuel Whittall     Edith Serena Kennedy
b 04 Jul 1833, Snaresbrook, Essex
d circa 1910 Staines
m Samuel Whettall / Whittill
b 23 Sep 1753
c 26 Sep 1753 St Leonards, Shoreditch
d before 22 Mar 1811
  m 10 Feb 1782
St Leonards, Shoreditch
Sophia Whettall / Whittall
b 04 Sep 1794
c 16 Oct 1794 Kings Weight House, Fish St Hill - Independent, London
d 1868 Kensington, London
Jane   Mary Ann Whettall
b 08 Apr 1784
c Kings Weight House
    Charlotte Whettall
b 22 Dec 1785
c Kings Weight House
    Eliza Whettall
b 05 Feb 1788
c Kings Weight House
  Mary Nisbitt / Nisbet / Nisbit / Nesbitt
b 28 Jan 1759, Kings Weight House, Fish Street Hill-Independent, London
or b 18 Mar 1759, c 22 Mar 1759 United Presbyterian, Spittal, Northumberland

d 26 Apr 1845, Clapton (aged 86)




Broun / Brown Wyld Chart
Claud Leonard Broun
Claud Brown
John Wyld Brown
Robert Brown
Jean Cuthel
Duncan Mackellar
Marion Janet Wyld
George Wyld
James Wyld

John Wyld
Wyld surname
Mary Emily Kennedy
John Kennedy (snr)
Benjamin Kennedy
James Stodart
Robert Stodart
Marion Stodart
Stodart surname
Claud Leonard Broun's writings

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